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WFSV Model Tests

WFSV Model Tests to characterise the performance of multi-hull designs.

Seaspeed Marine Consulting were recently commissioned to characterise the performance of different fast work boat multi-hull designs, from 15m to 40m in length, defining the performance benefits and drawbacks of each hull design approach.

The physical models built for free running, open water testing were equipped with propeller and waterjet propulsion systems, appendages and superstructures. Data-loggers and cameras on the models recorded the vessel’s onboard characteristics, including the control inputs from the remote helmsmen. Long fast runs at different headings, impossible in the confines of conventional research facilities, allowed good statistical data to be logged. Manoeuvrability and handling characteristics in all these conditions became clearly apparent early in the test program. Combined with external cameras on the chase boats, a full technical and visual record of the open water tests was captured. The data was then analysed in the time and frequency domain to provide comprehensive insight into the performance and limitations of each design.

The results of this breakthrough research project provide a significant advance in the understanding of the design of small fast workboats for wind farm support activities. Analysed by an assessment team comprising naval architects, skippers and operators, the research programme has been directed at minimising risk in the provision of these specialist vessels to customers. This research provides the unique ability to predict the likely performance, operational availability and fuel economy of these hull designs for particular sea areas, routes and tasks - reducing the risk of selecting an inappropriate vessel for a given task. This significant database provides the basis for the development of the next generation of fast offshore work boats and wind farm service vessels.

Read the full project file.

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