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Sea Speed

Ship Motion Monitoring

Seaspeed develops specialist Vessel Performance Monitoring equipment.

As part of the company’s sea trials equipment, Seaspeed has developed a specialist VMMS (vessel motion monitoring system) which can be used for short, medium or long term performance monitoring of ships. Most sea trials undertaken by the company have quite specific requirements and the system layout is designed to provide flexibility in setup and capability to encompass the wide range of trials undertaken. The basic unit provides ship motion monitoring (with one or more motion reference units depending on the specific trial requirements) and reporting but has also been set up to record video, load cell data, wind speed and direction, GPS position, course and speed, shaft torque and rpm and can also be arranged to gather data from the vessel CAN BUS system for engine and other ship system monitoring.

Seaspeed is in the business of providing ship performance monitoring services, data analysis and regular performance reporting and welcomes the opportunity to become involved in ship and fleet monitoring programmes.

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