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RINA WFSV Presentation

Download technical papers recently presented by Seaspeed at the RINA Wind Farm Support Vessel conferences.

Seaspeed has developed a number of techniques for assessing the limiting conditions appropriate to wind farm support vessels, and for presenting this data in a format allowing practical use to be made of the information.

A technique for assessing the availability of crew transfer vessels (CTV) for the transit and transfer of technicians to and from local ports and wind farms using weather statistics and vessel performance predictions was presented at the 2014 RINA Conference ‘Design & Operation of Wind Farm Support Vessels’. The technique provided for the assessment of availability for any particular CTV on any particular windfarm for which weather statistics were available on the basis of the number of days the vessel was able to make the transit with acceptable motion performance and then to undertake transfers with an acceptable level of safety.

The subsequent paper presented at the 2015 RINA Conference ‘Design & Operation of Wind Farm Support Vessels’ provided an example of work undertaken using this technique for a range of vessel sizes operating on one particular wind farm. This provided as assessment of the percentage availability (based on specific limiting criteria) against vessel size and charter cost. In addition, the use of performance plots, or P-Plots, was proposed for the comparison of predicted CTV performance with the results of sea trials, in order to facilitate performance verification of these craft by their purchasers.

Performance Evaluation of Wind farm Support Vessels (2014) Performance Evaluation of Wind farm Support Vessels (2014) (920 KB)

Crew Transfer Vessel Performance Evaluation (2015) Crew Transfer Vessel Performance Evaluation (2015) (135 KB)


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