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Patrol Craft Testing

Patrol Craft Testing – Turkish yard ARES contract Seaspeed to undertake extensive model test programme on four patrol craft.

Seaspeed has been contracted to undertake an extensive model test programme on four high speed patrol craft designs by the Turkish yard ARES. The work covers the construction of hydrodynamic test models, undertaking calm water powering tests including loading condition and appendage optimisation, free running seakeeping tests and the provision of full scale performance predictions.

The resistance test models were outfitted for self propelled (waterjet) free running seakeeping tests and run in an Ocean Basin, measuring speed, ship motions, manoeuvring and handling characteristics and propulsion power over a wide range of sea states and headings.

The four patrol craft range in size from just over 20 metres to just under 50 metres and have maximum speeds between 30 knots and 60 knots. This size and speed combination represents challenging conditions for scale model testing and requires precise and rapid response control and monitoring trials equipment, with which Seaspeed is well equipped.


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