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Sea Speed

Trials & Testing instrumented sea trials and model testing

Seaspeed provides instrumented model testing and sea trials for the definition of marine system performance, including conventional and high speed ships, offshore structures, mooring systems, personnel transfer systems and marine renewable energy systems. 

We have developed techniques for side-by-side comparative trials and testing of new versus established designs in test tank and open water conditions, as well as during full-scale trials. This work has proven particularly valuable to designers and owners wishing to visualise specific improvements between one design and another.

Model production, instrumentation, testing, data analysis and technical reporting are undertaken in the most cost effective manner in line with the requirements of the client.

Seaspeed regularly undertakes the following trials and testing services:

  • Open water instrumented performance and visualisation tests in calm and rough sea conditions
  • Resistance, propulsion, manoeuvring, directional stability and dynamic stability trials and testing
  • Seakeeping trials and testing, covering vessel motion, whole body vibration assessments, active control system performance and limiting condition definition
  • Shallow water testing including vessel powering, interaction, mooring and wake wash measurements
  • Sea trials and testing in support of contract performance verification

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