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Sea Speed

Ship Survey valuation & market knowledge

Condition, valuation and ship survey for high speed marine craft are regularly undertaken on a worldwide basis by Seaspeed.

The combination of this ship survey and market knowledge along with the technical expertise provided by other company activities also provides for expert witness assignments - Stephen Phillips MD has assisted in a number of high profile arbitration and court cases associated with high speed craft.

Seaspeed also maintains the only comprehensive database of high speed craft incidents world-wide and regularly publishes incident statistics and analysis for this industry sector.
Insurance, condition, on/off hire, ship survey and/or valuation surveys have been undertaken for the following vessels:

122 m HSC Pacificat Discovery
112 m HSC Norman Arrow
107 m HSC Jean de La Valette
101 m HSC WestPac Express
98 m HSC Milenium Tres
91 m HSC Express
86 m HSC Condor Express
82 m HSC Boomerang
81 m HSC Diamant & Rapide
78 m HSC CatLink II
74 m HSC Sea Express 1
67 m HSC Maria Dolores
60 m HSC Nasser Travel
60 m HSC Tanger Jet
57 m HSC Betico 2
56 m HSC Universal Mk 1
52 m HSC Betico 1
50 m HSC San Gwann
48 m HSC Cotai Jet
45 m HSC Moecca
45 m HSC Su Jet
40 m HSC Aran Princess
35 m HSC Lady Tiffany
30 m AP188 Hovercraft (three craft)
29 m HSC Jernoy

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