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Sea Speed

Naval Architecture professional design support expertise and experience

Naval architecture is at the core of all Seaspeed projects and our technical expertise in this area is central to our success. 

The accumulation of technical knowledge and practical experience gained from our varied activities provide Seaspeed with the ability to successfully undertake a very wide range of naval architecture assignments - from hydrodynamics and structures to system engineering and project management.

Seaspeed provides the following risk and safety services:

    •   Hydrodynamic hull and system design including CFD development
    •   Performance prediction – powering, manoeuvring, stability, seakeeping           and wash
    •   Engine, gearbox and propulsor selection and matching
    •   Structural design – covering first principle and FEA design and                        regulatory compliance
    •   Weight prediction, monitoring and control
    •   Stability books and assessments
    •   Engineering system design and specification including control system             development
    •   Project management for ship design, new-construction and refits
    •   Build supervision and ‘due diligence’ assessments
    •   Class, HSC, USCG, MCA, EU and RCD regulation interpretations and               compliance
    •   3D modelling leading to production drawings and kit construction                   development
    •   Preparation of Classification approval submissions
To support naval architecture Seaspeed also undertakes a wide range of risk assessments for the design, construction and operation of marine craft. We have intimate knowledge of many international codes of safety, and frequently attend the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) as representative of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), a non-governmental organisation.
Seaspeed regularly undertakes the following risk and safety services:

    •   Passage Plan Risk Assessment (RAPP’s) including wake wash                         assessments
    •   Project Risk Assessment for design, build and operation of marine                   systems
    •   Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) for vessels, systems and                 equipment
    •   Safety Case development and Formal Safety Assessments
    •   High speed craft incident analysis and investigation 

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